What you will get out of it:

Get up to speed with Adobe Creative Cloud Extensions development

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I know. Wonder why? I've been there before - I started building Panels back in 2009, and blogged about Extension related topics soon thereafter. Over the years I've been in touch with lot of developers from all over the world - I've the finger on the pulse of what people have troubles understanding in this business.

If you feel lost, let me tell you first that you're in a surprisingly large company! The Official documentation is scattered (to say the least). Examples? Best practices? Missing in action. You can manage to get started, yet you'll find yourself stuck reinventing the wheel many times.

A way to survive the learning curve...

The main problem is that HTML Panels development requires a number of very different skills, and it's incredibly difficult to build a linear learning path, that starts from the basics and builds your knowledge gradually, up to the point where you're able to develop production-ready Panels - that sell. Which is what this course is all about!

... and boost your Productivity!

I've put together years of experience, and countless hours spent scratching my own head on Panels' code. The result is the Adobe Photoshop HTML Panels Development project, which goal is to give you a substantial head start, and cut down improductive development time ("how the heck do I do this and that in Panels?!"). It's going to be fun too!

Creating a Panels business

Adobe Creative Cloud applications ecosystem is flourishing: an entire section of the book is about the business of marketing Panels - with suggestions gathered from several developers, myself included, who make their living (or a nice extra income) selling their software on a variety of marketplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it apply to Photoshop only?

HTML Panels are implemented in a variety of Adobe Creative Cloud applications; the course is based on Adobe Photoshop, yet Panels' architecture is shared among them all.

With the exception of some app-specific Events, I'd say – comforted by InDesign and Illustrator beta-readers feedback – that the content of the course largely applies to the entire supported list, that you can check here.

Who is this course for?

The target audience is either Adobe Configurator orphaned who can't dare to enter the HTML Panels labyrinth, people with at least a basic understanding of the web stack (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and frontend developers.

I had hard times trying to build an inclusive, linear learning path that starts from the very beginning but is not at all limited to half-baked demo code unsuitable for real-world products. Read the Book introduction for a better discussion: it's freely available entering your email address in the form at the top of this page.

What Creative Cloud version does it target?

The book has been initially written for CC 2015, and it's been updated to cover CC 2019: I plan to keep it up to date with new Photoshop releases. The Common Extensibility Platform (aka CEP - the Panels' architecture) is backward-compatible to Photoshop CC, so the course covers all the HTML Panel breeds.

Who's behind this course?

Ciao, I'm Davide Barranca - I'm a Photoshop retoucher and developer from Italy.

I blog about Panels on Photoshop, etc. You can find me on Twitter as @undavide or Facebook too! Feel free to get in touch via email here.